viernes, 25 de enero de 2008

Goldman Sach recortará 1.500 empleos

U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs plans to sack about 5 percent of its global workforce in coming months after its annual staff evaluation, a company spokesman said on Friday.
Goldman Sachs employs about 30,500 people worldwide, meaning the cuts would represent about 1,500 employees.
The New York-based bank said those being dismissed will be the worst-performing employees.
Details of who will be affected by the cuts, which are set to take place across the bank's departments, are set to be announced by March, the spokesman told Reuters.
He added that this was the part of a normal employee evaluation process.
"We conduct performance reviews every year and this is part of that process," said the spokesman.
The spokesman added the bank is continuing to hire.
The move came as the credit crunch hits banks' balance sheets and earnings outlooks, causing Goldman's rivals such as Lehman Brothers, Citigroup and Credit Suisse to slash jobs.


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